The one thing you can do to see huge skin care results

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If you’re like me, you’ve tried every skin care product at Sephora and nothing seems to give you real results. You have a a few lines, because you smile!, a few dark spots from the sun and your skin has begun to look a little dull. These changes to your skin happen over time and most of  us didn’t know you can get rid of them. Until now. 

@samanthann92 shares her results from using Power C – a daily skin vitamin. She says “my before and afters say alot. I was really impressed with this”

@samanthann92 shares her results from using Power C – a daily skin vitamin

This simple change to your skin care routine can give you some amazing results: start using skin vitamins. They replenish your skin and help reduce fine lines, brighten your skin, fade sun spots and bring back your glow. 

In your routine, you apply Vitamin C to your skin every morning like this :cleanse, vitamin c serum, moisturizer, sunscreen.

Adding a replenishing skin vitamin to your morning routine, will lead to huge results you can see.  Skeptical, there’s some science behind this. Vitamin C serum (with L-ascorbic acid) protects your skin from free radical damage (which causes fine lines, sun spots, freckles, melasma) and replenishes your skin by fading spots and brightening your skin.

So if you’re not already putting on a Vitamin C serum EVERY morning, can we suggest please start now? We’re even making it easy for you by giving you a credit towards our Vitamin C Serum .. no excuses, snap a selfie and take a look back at yourself next year. We promise you’ll be happy.

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