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We care most about what’s in the bottle but we also work hard on the packages themselves. Last month, after selling out of our Vitamin C serum, Power C, we had the chance to re-design the package. We wanted you to be part of the process so we gave you these 6 different designs and asked you to vote on your favorite.

Skin care package designs

And the winner is …

Design #6: The Art Board

Inspired by 1960’s protest posters, this design celebrates the rebel in each of us and our collective mission to demand the beauty industry give us high-quality, active ingredients that we’re not overpaying for. Healthy skin and fair prices.

Vitamin C Serum Package Design Ideas

We sat down with Erin, who leads our design team, to learn a bit more about the package design process for your favorite serum.

Where did the inspiration come from? 

What spoke to us about protest posters is that they capture attention, they are usually a medium for change and they say things bold and directly. We wanted to capture those elements on a bottle. We chose a bottle that inherently has a similar shape as a protest poster so we could use that as a canvas for our bottle design. We sourced almost 50 different protest posters that helped shape the design direction. After weeks of looking at them we’re all so much more inspired to change the world! These two posters below really spoke to us as a team and were our guiding light in the design process.

What was one of the biggest goals you set out to achieve with the packaging and how did you accomplish it? 

To stand out and be extraordinary. To accomplish it, we looked at what else was out there in the market and we tried to take a completely different approach. Much of the packaging that you see in skin care is delicate, understated and consistent. So we went the other direction.

What was the most challenging part of this project? On the flip, what was the most rewarding part?

I think the most challenging part was to come up with something truly unique all while trying to make it something pretty to look at. It’s tempting to want to conform to industry standards, much of which is beautiful. But our brand’s message is loud and bold and we wanted our packaging to reflect that.

The most rewarding part was to be able to share these design concepts with our customers and get real-time feedback on what they were feeling best about because we’re building this brand for you.

PSST, you can read more about Shero Science’s mission here .. we’d love you to join us.

And double PSSST, pick up the the original bottle of Power C and be one of our OGs.. The new design launches Marches 2019!



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